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The Kenya Climate Working Group was formed in February 2009 and finally registered in February 2011 as an association under the Kenyan Law (Association Act), The Kenya Climate Change Working Group is a national network of Civil Society organisations uniting voices and action on climate change.



KCCWG's Energy and Climate Change Advocacy in Kenya and Beyond

Latest News

Developing countries could leapfrog west

French president says chance for poorer countries to skip fossil fuels and go straight to renewable energy is akin to mobile phone revolution in Africa...

The world’s least-developed countries have accused richer nation

The world’s least-developed countries have accused richer nations of failing to provide financial backing for a strong new global climate treaty...

Invest in low carbon energy

The world’s governments and businesses need to choose wisely and invest in low carbon energy, not the dirty fossil fuels of the past, according to the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon....

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Our Projects

The program is built on co-operation with and capacity strengthening of national CSOs to effectively advocate in favour of green and inclusive policies. The objective of the five-year program is to help transition the energy systems in East Africa to one that is green and inclusive and which meets the energy needs of men and women for their daily activities, livelihoods, creates economic opportunities and growth whilst mitigating climate change.

The Africa adaptation initiative project aims at Enhancing the Role of Civil Society in Climate Change Adaptation in Kenya .The project is expected to contribute towards providing an enabling environment for the mainstreaming of climate adaptation in the country. Through the project, WWF-K will work with Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG), to influence policy at the national level by building her capacity on climate adaptation, and supporting her in CCA lobbying and advocacy including production and dissemination of CCA materials.

Climate Change Advocacy in Kenya

Through support from CAFOD, KCCWG in this project aimed to reduce people's vulnerabilities to climate change and empower them to participate in their livelihoods improvement. Our main objetives are to put in place policy and legislative framework on Climate Change, strengthen the participation of Kenyans in the climate change debates at the local, national and international level and reduce the vulnerability of poor communities to climate change in Kenya